Insight on Google’s new May 2020 Core Update

Insight on Google’s new May 2020 Core Update

As we all know Google is continuously bringing in new algorithm updates from time to time. This year it came with the second update so-called “May 2020 Core Update”. The Panda and Penguin have been the major algorithm update of Google that affected the search results in significant ways. Marketers need to understand the major Google updates happened as it will help them in improving the ranking of their website.  Now let’s have a complete overview of this new May 2020 update. What and how search results will be affected by it is the major question.

Google SearchLiason

Whenever Google updates its algorithm, it makes search experience easy and extremely relevant to the users. The May 2020 Core update was announced by the Official Search Liaison Twitter handle. Just like all other updates, this was supposed to take a week to complete and start reflecting on the search engine results pages. 

Who will be impacted by this Update?

Websites having less quality content and authority will be drastically impacted because of this update. Google has made sure that no irrelevant or fake information goes out to the public through the search results and hence many websites with Health and Wellness domain have faced massive fluctuations. As there is no doubt that due to this pandemic (COVID-19), already a huge ranking drops can been in websites related to several industries including travel and tourism, events, Hotels, and Restaurants. However the true impact cannot be determined yet but let’s check out some data given by SEM Rush.

Distribution of winners by categories

(Source: Melissa Fach, May 8, 2020, SEM Rush Blog

According to SEM Rush the above is the breakdown of the impacted industries which saw organic ranking drops. It is clear that Business sectors like News, PR has gained unmatched user attention while the biggest hit has been taken the Entertainment industry.

Distribution of losers by categories

(Source: Melissa Fach, May 8, 2020, SEM Rush Blog)

Steps to be taken to improve your ranking

Google’s mantra of keeping website content relevant has been the most effective way to improve your rankings. Take some time and evaluate if your website is helpful for your customers and updated with the most relevant content. Check if the website id formatted in a way so that Serch Engines can easily identify it and show it to users if searched. Consult the best digital marketing agency who can help you reach potential clients. Analyze your website and  Always keep an eye on the rankings.

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